Behind Closed Doors (Jalex) Chapter 1


Title: Behind Closed Doors

Pairing: Jalex (Jack Barakat/Alex Gaskarth)

Rating: R/NC-17

Summary: Jack was supposed to make everything okay, he was supposed to help teen Alex get better, but little did anyone know, he was going to hurt him the most.

Warnings: So I can’t really give away warnings without giving away the story, but before you read, I am letting you know now that this entire story is very dark and probably sensitive to some people. I am warning you now before you start reading.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jack or Alex, but the story is all mine.

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Brotherly Love (Jalex) Chapter Nine - Final


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Alex and I sat in the living room at home with our parents sitting in front of us with disappointed looks on their faces. After the wedding, everyone was sent home and out parents didn’t start their honeymoon until next week. Alex and I thought of a way out when we were packing to come back, but thing was strong enough for our parents to believe. The car ride home was a long and silent one. The second that we go into the house, our parents sat us down.

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